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Glass Eye  (mp3 - 3173Kb) Music and Lyrics: Sean Garvin 1992,1999

Pia's adoring those brand new curtains

Got you relaxing transcendental on the floor

Street light is throwing lovely patterns on ya

Look like ol' Buddha coming back for more.


Even the manager is shaken

Watching her hair-do evolve

No time, the DA's waitin'

Arrest her when she dissolve


Sensation somehow hides her big dilemma,

Ignorant beauty, sometimes crashing bore.

Resenting expectations upon her

Resisting every supposed accord


Designed for chic recreation

Different 'hind every door

Replacing old refraction

Glass eye fits every décor

Sean Garvin: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Alto Saxophone, Percussion

©Copyright 1992,1999 Sean P. Garvin / Enemy of Silence