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Almost 10 years ago, Chris Donnelly (whose talents I'll expound upon later) and I got together for a quick session in the studio. While that seemed to have no grave effect on natural forces here on the east coast, things were not so calm out west. This piece was created during the 3 hours immediately following the earthquake, centered near Santa Cruz, that occurred that night. Magnitude 7.1 as I recall.  

Sidewalk/Sideways (Garvin/Donnelly,Act of God)

Watch dial, move slow

Sidewalk sideways

Suicide: Santa Cruz

Such fun


Move slow, Sidewalk

Sideways, such fun

Pretty pity

Big hole

Santa Cruz

Chris Donnelly: Discernable Guitar

Sean Garvin: Piano, Bass, Voice, Earthquake Guitar, Treatments


Copyright 1989 U.R.A.P./Autonomy Productions