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What I'm Gonna Do was recorded as a process experiment. Time had become an all too rare commodity. So, I made appointments with myself - everyday for 2 weeks, 15 minutes at a time. Before work. These appointments had to include time to run off a quick mix of the progress. I'd listen to it on the way to and from work to review and devise the next days layers.

The self-imposed time constraints resulted in near completion of the piece. One of these days I'll break my rules and finish it. Then again, maybe I won't.



Tell ya what I'm, what I'm gonna do

See, I got the nerve, I just ain't quite that crazy

Relate? To you? I got a much better angle.

Just kill'em with mercy, leave 'em to cry

I want the facts, just the facts

I want a little relaxation

I want a little explanation

I want some consideration

I want the facts.


Sean Garvin: Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Alto & Tenor Sax, Percussion

copyright 1994, 1999 Sean P. Garvin / Enemy of Silence