Key Collaborators:

Ugly Rumors:

Chris Donnelly

Shep Snyder

Lee Miller

Other projects:

Gerard Shillcock

Mark Gowdy

        Side One:
  1. What else is new? (garvin)
  2. Cory Aquino's Shoes (miller)
  3. The blonde leading the blind (garvin)
  4. Postcard (donnelly)
  5. Maintain a distance (miller)
  6. Paralyzed (donnelly)
  7. Shakedown (garvin)
  8. Once bitten (garvin)
        Side Two:
  1. Soul in Space (garvin)
  2. His last breath (donnelly)
  3. Neighborhood snoop (miller, donnelly, garvin)
  4. Head from Mother Russia (miller)
  5. Psycho surfer (garvin)
  6. Two ghosts (donnelly)
  7. Rhyme or reason (garvin)
  8. Targets of Opportunity (donnelly)