Current & Recent Projects


February 2004

Spooky Ghost's 'Official Bootleg' was released for public consumption. Unlike a traditional 'bootleg', this is a multi-track 24-bit digital recording. It was recorded at the Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY in August 2003 with my 'magic mobile rig' as Gerry calls it. The project was then mixed and mastered in my studio. It was a genuine pleasure and honor to work with such an amazing fellow. More to come...


March 2004

Cleaning house - Not only is this site finally being cleaned up, but my studio is undergoing substantial rearranging. The studio was left in a horribly chaotic state when I tore it apart 2 years ago. The intention at that point was to wire everything up when I switched to Logic as my main studio software. I got it torn apart alright, but putting Humpty Dumpty back together again never seemed to happen. Well, it's finally shaping up again. Still much more work to be done, but major improvements have been made. I'm able to work with tools I've literally not been able to put my hands on for 2 years.


Along with the clean slate in the studio, I've made some decisions. It has been my intention for the last several year to release a cd titled "While No One's Looking". This was to be a collection of solo work that started many years ago, and ended whenever I finally released it. There are dozens of tunes in various stages of completion that were targeted for that release. There were a couple of proto-versions of the cd that have made their way into friend's hands, but never the final album. With the amount of time that has now passed, and the fact that the studio was largely crippled for so long, I no longer plan such a release. For one thing, many of the songs have been available for download here for several years - it didn't make sense to release an album of mostly familiar stuff. Second, and more importantly, my music is going in different directions and I don't wish to be fettered by the old material (or the technical quality limitations of the recordings).


As I said, a clean slate. Out with the old, in with the NEW.

The studio is coming together well, and I'm already at work on a bunch of new tunes.

2004 will finally see a release new material in some way, shape, or form.