May 2007 Update

Obviously this site is in need of drastic updating! Much has changed in the EoS world, and I'll be getting it up here soon. Really, no kidding! We've moved to NW New Jersey - to an area that reminds one why NJ is called the Garden State. Our new abode has the space for me to finally set up my studio properly. I'm almost finished setting up, and then I'll update this site. So check back! In the meantime, I do have some pictures of progress HERE


EoS - 2007


The humble home studio has been growing since 1985. From ultra-cheap 4-track cassettes to better 4-tracks, to 8-tracks, to 70+ digital HD recording, it's been an interesting road.

Currently, all recording is direct to hard disk using Cakewalk's Sonar2 XL and Emagic's Logic Audio Platinum via Motu 828 Firewire, Echo Audio Layla, Layla24 & Gina audio interfaces. 

I'm currently in the midst of completely rewiring & reconfiguring the studio. While all my recordings of recent years have been via Cakewalk & Sonar, I'm switching over to Logic 5 as my primary DAW software. This is not for lack of any features in Sonar - in fact Sonar 2 XL is a truly great package. However, the studio has reached a state of complexity that is best handled by Logic's integration with Sound Diver and with the Logic Control & XT control surfaces. It was in fact the LC units that finally made me dedicate my project time to Logic, as it integrates perfectly with the software - providing hands on control and automation of nearly every aspect of the software- including plug-in effects. Sonar will continue to be used to run DXi Soft-synths etc.

The following are a few pictures from within, what Donnelly refers to as "The house of many blinking lights". The DAW Section picture reflects recent changes, but the rack set-up is being redone. This page will be updated soon, to reflect the other changes

Click HERE to view page that describes the computer, digital audio, and midi configuration.

Sound Diver view Here

1/23/03 - Update: The DAW Section has been uptated to reflect...

What's this weird shiney silver/gray thing with all the holes in it? OMG! EoS bought a Macintosh G4 DP 1G tower this summer? Yep. Long story in there somewhere I'm sure. Does it 'just work'? Nope. Well, it does now, but I've had more perplexing problems with the new G4 than with any pc I've owned - most of them hardware incompatability related. Plug and play? Yeah right. Anyway, the Mac is just running Logic 5.5 and Waveburner Pro 2.2, and houses the UAD-1 DSP card.

The move to Firewire hardware has paid off though...

In addition to the G4, I replaced my notebook pc this summer. The new one is a Vaio GRX560 PIV 1.6Ghz with 512MB anda 16.1" (1600x1200) LCD display. Oh what a wonderful thing that screen is for working with Logic or Sonar! Anyway, as I've been configuring the studio racks, the audio section has gone into a rack case so that it's all mobile. The Audio case contains a PL8 power and light module, a patch-bay, the Motu 828, and a Digimax LT 8-channel preamp to lightpipe converter. This makes a very simple, powerful, and portable rig that is easily switched between the laptop and the Mac.

The firewire stuff also made plugging the G4 in as the main DAW a snap. The hardrive's firewire cables were plugged in, and a usb cable swap for the midi interfaces. That was about it. The dual LCD displays are now on the Mac as well, but the Viewsonic monitor has 2 inputs - so that's shared with the PC running the Oasys - press a button and it's a different machine.

Pix to follow soon. The studio itself is STILL under re-construction!

mixing consoles

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Section

Main DAW Computer: G4 MDD DP 1 GHz w/ 2x 17" LCD Flat panels (top)

Logic Pro 7.1 with all plug-ins

w/ Logic Control & XT Control surfaces

Motu Firewire 828, 828MkII & Echo Audio Layla24 audio interfaces

Unitor 8 Mk II & AMT-8 Midi Interfaces

UAD-1 Powered Plug-ins DSP card

Computer #2: PIII 1.1 GHz

w/15" LCD (next to LC's)

Oasys PCI DSP-based Synth & Effects card

mvc-009f.jpg (67124 bytes)

Main Rack

TG-33 Vector Synth Module

Kurzwiel Micro Piano

Power & Light module

Alesis Compressor/Gates

Audio patchbay

JLCooper Midi Patchbay

Graphic EQ + Spectrum Analyzer


Alesis Quadraverb+

Alesis Midiverb II

Ibanez DDL

Tascam 238 8-Track Cassette

VZ10M Synth Module

MEP-4 Midi Event Processor

drum 'kit'

Percussion "Kit"

Roland TD-10 V-Drum Module (expanded)

Roland V-Drum PD120 Snare

Various Roland  and Duaz pads

Roland FD-7 Hi Hat Trigger 

Additional Modules (not pictured)

Alesis D4

Roland R5











Parker Fly Deluxe

Parker NiteFly SA with GK-2A Pickup

Mesa/Boogie DC-3

Customized Yamaha strat copy




Behringer MX9000 24/48x8 Mixing Console

Hafler TA1600 Power Amp & Event 20/20 Monitors

Presonus Eureka Mic Pre/Channel strip

Presonus Tube Pre

Lexicon MX200 effects processor

Guitar Stuff:

Mesa/Boogie DC-3

PRS SE Soapbar II

Schecter C1 Plus Electric Guitar

Ibanez Jet King -JTK1

Martin DM Acoustic Guitar

Roland VG-8 (S1)

Roland GR30 Guitar Synth

Boss Loop Station

Line6 PODxt w/Shortboard

Line6 POD w/Floorboard

Line6 Bass POD

Line6 Delay Modeler

Yamaha DG-Stomp 


Studiologic 1100SL Midi Controller

Korg WavesStation EX

Korg DSS-1 Sampler/Synth

Korg DSM-1 Sampler/Synth (rackmount)

Korg Oasys PCI

Korg DW8000

Korg Legacy Collection

Yamaha VL-70m

Alesis Micron

Other stuff:

Fender Jazz Bass - 5 string

Alto & Tenor Saxes

Yamaha WX-11 Midi Wind Controller

Various Mic's - Studio Projects C1, Rode NT-4, Oktava 219, Audix D-4, and of course 2 SM-57's

Tons of boxes including:

Z.Vex Fuzz Factory


Booster/line driver/Distortion (if you can find one buy it)

Sustain/Parametric Eq (same goes for this one)

SCF-Stereo Chorus/Flanger (by far THE best chorus on the planet)

Programmable Phaser(smooth, yet twisted)